World's first Full tube 16 ch summing - saturation

Tivoli Engineering Tube Heaven

Tube Summing Mixer /warmer


  • mix your audio levels out of the box like in the good old times.
  • Add some random 3rd harmonics generated by a full tube design
  • add some analog tube drive
  • open up, or cut your high frequencies by adding air/cut function
  • summ your mix to a 2 chanel trough a tube outbut stage
  • choose a summing to go from tube trough a transformer or bypass it

Tube Heaven is a unique 16 cnannel summing mixer which has:

  • 20 selected triode ECC802s dual driven input tube stage.
  • first 4 channels can be set as stereo or mono input with push pull potentiometers.
  • All input stages are line inputs which can be driven to +6db gain stage or ∞
  • All 16 channels are summed directly to its master output which is a two ECC99 tubes
  • hq Sowter© tranformer output or you can even bypass it.
  • two insert points on output, where you can add your favorite analog outboard
  • +4db „air“ or cut switch to add or cut your high frequencies.
  • Flat frequency response from 5Hz-30KHz
  • design which allows easy access to exchange input tubes
  • slim 2HE design
  • RGB lightning added to light up your rack with a colour you choose.

Why choose an out of the DAW summing mixer?

From the 90s when the Digital Audio Workstation was introduced, who could only imagine, that professional mixing and recording could take place in your home – kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you can imagine …

Today, if you want to make a high quality recording/mixing you basicaly only need to buy a computer, some software, an interface, a microphone and some headphones.

Of course, a high end AD/DA converter, preamp and other necessary tools can cost a serious money, but this is only a fraction of a price you would once pay for a 32 channel based studio before the DAW`s took over.

So we all can agree that DAW is a wonderfull gift to us.

Only imagine how many hours once engineers needed to just reccal a session. On an analog mixer you need to redo all the fader, EQ, compressor settings. Then there was a track count limitation. All the wiring of external processing needed patching and rewiring. …

Now every process you need to do is in one box, and depending of your budget you can add some external equipment too.

The DAW also changed how we mix.

Now mixing is more pulling the faders down, and beware not to exceed the headroom level of your mix which is a determining point of how far you can go …

This is much different than in the older days when they’ve „pushed“ the mix up, to achieve maximum headroom above a noise floor. And many times they went over the actual headroom to achieve some drive which would act like a glue and therefore added some likable warmth.

Well what Tube Heaven does is exactly about that.

You can now do your micro mixing, EQ-ing, compressing or panning in your DAW, and send your stems to a different channels of a Tube Heaven, and add some 3rd harmonic magic, warmth and drive to make your mix alive again.

Why choose a Tube Heaven summing mixer?

There are many summing mixers in the world today and Tube Heaven is really unique.

We have choose this all tube design because tubes do something unique by adding higher harmonics which we cant hear, but we can only feel. It changes the sound on different levels of perception it is almost a spiritual experience. How exactly it happens its not very clear, but the difference to mix in a DAW or using Tube Heaven is a must hear.

This device was not designed by exact meassurements or profound scientific analysis in some institute. It’s a result of 40 years in analog mixing experience of its creator Aco Razbornik.

Sales informations: Obreza Uros, tel: 00386 51 600 830