The world's first
Full tube 16 ch summing - saturation
TIVOLI Microphones
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and LEGENDARY equipment
Source of the perfect sound comes from the NATURE


STUDIO TIVOLI with 40 years of experience and tradition, a famed legend on its own is the oldest studio in this part of Europe, where many great artists created over 500 albums and more millions seling discs. Long list of singles, jingles, postproductions films,TV and drama music, live recordings, acoustic solutions, restorations old audio materiales and masterings was produced right here. Over 40 years experience of the excellent combination sound control of our world winning engineers Tom Hidley – 20Hz Infrasound® acoustics designs over 600 studios, Shozo Kinoshita high end monitors with TAD drivers and our unrivalled range of unique Suming Mix Bus Direct to Tube® mixing desk with wanted rare specific hysteresis transformer thicker warm sound caracter legendary Neve pre-eq 1073 big sound console, It has a lot of different components to create a mixing desk that has a unique sound to make records that sound like no-one else.Vintec equipment, output gear includes exotic boxes and can produce outstanding results, so many very successful albums and songs have been mastered in our studio using this technique a winning production unique sound for modern production and top-notch results for a reasonable price. We have a wide range of rock,pop and classic recording, mixing, mastering suites for creating a finished audio master for CD & vinyl album, postproductions film, mp3,internet sound, analogue or digital DAT tape.

NEW-Stem-Mastering-2-32 ch, Stereo Mixing Direct to Tube®. Stems is played in 32 ch Apogee converters to The legendary Studer A 80 16 track 30-inch high speed. It is much better than 24 track because it has better channel separation, 6 dB lower noise level,flat frequency curve, lower distortion, phase shifts, drift (0,1Hz), wow (0,1-10Hz) and flutter (10-100Hz), scrape (1-5kHz) with original 3M Scotch high-output 2-inch tape saturation becomes progressively richer and sounding as the input level. Analog tape signals play to Suming Mix Bus mixing desk and recording to The Beatles Tube Studer C 37 Stereo has much better instrumental and vocal parts and louder wawe of a song separately provides all of the original unit’s desirable magic analog sweetness like magnetic tape, tube warm.We can chose between clean sound or just the right amount of harmonic saturation becomes progressively richer and thicker sounding as the input level. Tracks that are thin and dull become full of life and tone so creative and musical creates unique sound a rare specific magic, analog, through warm auidible. Ensure that we are leaders in the fields of audio soundrestoration mastering.

Suming Mix Bus Direct to Tube®. The history of audio the weakest thing has always been the summing bus, and it still is. Analog consoles have been around for 50 years and its taken years to find a way to sum everything with the least amount of destruction to the sound like stereo spectrum, phase, distortion, interference, harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, frequency curve, noise etc. How can we expect digital to come along and compete. My result of many years of research and development the famous unique original circuitc design Suming Mix Bus Direct to Tube® mixing desk, U67 tube microphone preamp, line tube amp, MC tube phono riaa preamp, hi-fi equipment, digital analog converters both high speed transformerless, pure Class A, no feetback NFB, 350 volt triode tube design.