MASTERING for over 40 years …

The mastering process is the final stage in the recording chain where a finished master is created and the CD, DVD, vinyl or audio file master parts are produced for manufacture. This process involves editing and compiling the required mixes and tracks in production order, cleaning the audio to remove any unwanted blemishes or corruptions and polishing the mixed sound with equalisation, compression and other outboard processing. This is the last opportunity before manufacture or release to ensure that the music fits together seamlessly and that it is presented in the best possible sound. The secret of successful mastering is a combination of a skilful engineer, traditional and state-of-the-art equipment and well-balanced acoustics.

At Studio Tivoli we can master to enhance both old and new recordings from any format: LP discs, analogue tape, digital master tape or audio file. The combination of our world winning engineers, Tom Hidley – Shozo Kinoshita acoustics and our unrivalled range of equipment and 2 track Studer C 37 Tube Tape Mastering. Mastering ensure that we are leaders in the fields of audio mastering soundrestoration. For technical or artistic reasons, or to achieve better control, we often recommend that producers and sound engineers opt for new 16 track Studer A 80 Multitrack Mastering, i.e. mastering the instrumental and vocal parts of a song separately. The results are outstanding and many very successful albums and songs have been mastered in our studios using this technique. Over 40 years of experience from wide range of stereo mastering suites for creating a finished audio master, from mastering for a CD or audio files.

The Beatles Master Tube Tape Machine Studer C 37 has much better instrumental, vocal parts of a song seperatly and louder wave. The legendary Beatles Studer C 37 and Studer A 80 provides all of the original unit’s desirable analog sweetness; like magnetic tape, tube warm, users can dial in a clean sound or just the right amount of harmonic saturation using the Input and Output controls. Tracks that are thin and dull become full of life and tone… so creative, and musical.