NEW unique TIVOLI c12 - Ela251 6072 tube with switch to c12 or ela251 character and mic output level or +30 db line output level

Handmade limited edition. A remarkable high end microphone similar to vintage rare old Neumann u47, u47 nuvistor, u47 fet, u67, AKG c12, ELA 251. A rare opportunity, desire to meet, big dreams of every producer or studio for GRAMMY winners … because it has the same sound and electric properties as original. All capsuls selected with top Bruel & Kjaer laboratory instruments with original reference capsuls. Low noise tube selected with US military TV7 tube tester. Strong stability power suplly 115-230 volt.


Microfon tube preamp – direct to tube high speed transformerless, pure Class A, 350 volt triode design sound, unique, both the result of many years of research and development. No hybrid, without transformators, IC, transistor. Creates a rare specific vintage analog sound.

Microfon line transistor preamp – direct to solid state germanium transistor made from 60 year circuits. No transformators. IC one gain for mic line input creates very big sound.

Upgrade UREI, UNIVERSAL AUDIO 1176, 6176 to LA-2 – customizing and upgrading universal audio to tube character LA-2.

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